Each choice of profession has its own utility in everyday life. As a profession, all those skills and abilities have been acquired with years of experience and can be applied in our daily activities. The usefulness of our job can serve us even in the period of our safe travelling. So our trips may be a relaxing and refreshing experience, but it does not mean that during our time of vacation there will be no cases where we’ll need to use our knowledge and why not take out extra pocket money to cover some of our expenses. What are some of these professions you may be wondering? Let’s find out together:

Travel Blogging

Of course, we could not help but start referring to the travel bloggers who literally make a living from their own travels. Visiting dozens of countries throughout the year, they share their travel experiences with the rest of the world through videos, blogs and any other type of content that serves their purposes. Each new destination is another unique “business opportunity” for them. It is definitely an ideal job that many people dream of, but quite a few manage to really get busy and live with this activity.

Bartending Jobs Abroad

If you work in a bar back in your country, you won’t face any problem getting a job and making some money during your trip to a bar abroad. Besides, there are bars and nightclubs all over the world, as long as you can speak the international language of English, or have attended some language classes on the chance of the country you are visiting. Places with an increased number of tourists are always looking for employees to work in this job field. If you have a rich experience in bartending, you will certainly not face any difficulty finding employment, even short-term.

Local Tour Guide

A local guide in other travellers’ eyes seems to be the only source of reliable information and guidance. So what happens when the tour guide himself visits a new destination? Can he exercise his ability to guide and advise other travellers seeking help? Of course, he can. A local tour guide who has the right information and knows in detail all aspects of an area is ideal for any trip. Knowing how to speak either the local language or an international language fluently, he will be able to perform his “professional duties” at any time or place given.


The profession of the plumber is one of the foremost practical jobs. It is a profession that gives you all that technical knowledge that can be applied at any time and place. Therefore, it doesn’t make any impression that this profession was added to this list. So imagine travelling to a destination abroad and staying in an Airbnb apartment. If a plumbing problem occurs – it happens quite often – then you can use your knowledge to repair it.

This repair that you may be doing may save you some possible accommodation costs, as the landlord will undoubtedly be happy with your move and probably reward you somehow. Of course, suppose you are a homeowner in London. In that case, you do not need to rely on your tenants’ plumbing knowledge, as the company Bollano Plumbers will offer you the best professionals in the field to repair your plumbing lapses.


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