The villas in Mykonos are distributed around the island, and most of them are located in the most popular areas around the main town of Mykonos. As has been seen, the architecture of these vacation homes is adapted to the landscape and not the other way around. They are respectful of their environment and the tradition of the island. Low constructions, whose levels are defined by the irregularity of the terrain, and without abrupt edges but curved finishes. Some of these unevennesses allow the interior of the pool to slip into a bedroom, through a security window.

White, wood and natural fibers define the open spaces. Additional services such as private transfers, car and yacht rentals, in-house chefs, security guards, personal trainers, butlers, babysitters, and much more can be easily arranged as per clients’ requirements. The 24/7 availability and the maximum attention to detail that can be enjoyed in these villas to rent in Mykonos are a luxury.

What makes these villas so successful

The curved finishes on all surfaces are not trivial. The Villas aim to transmit above all relaxation and calm, something for which this type of edges are perfectly indicated. In these houses everything flows.

In some you can see how the walls adapt to the uneven terrain. The houses merge with the rock, creating the most natural spaces. In the bedrooms you can see the only two shades allowed: white and natural wood. This duo results in serene environments, where you can breathe calmly. In others you can see two swimming pools of the house, facing the sea. Once inside the infinity pool, you don’t know where the pool ends and the Aegean begins.

From outdoor hot tubs, fully equipped gyms and movie theaters, to a spa, a private club with a piano and a fully equipped Dolby surround sound system, and even your very own helipad, there is no wish that cannot be fulfilled in these villas of luxury of Divine Property.

The perfect pools meet the Aegean Sea

In other villas we can find this symbiosis between beach and pool of the most desirable kind. The edges of the pools are also blurred to give the feeling of being on the beach without leaving home.

A porch that leads to the pool is another of the proposals made in this series of villas close to the main city of this Cycladic Island. Some villas even have direct access to some of the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos. What more could you want?

Many call Mykonos the Ibiza of the eastern Mediterranean. It is one of the most glamorous islands in the Greek archipelago of the Cyclades, in the middle of the Aegean Sea. The portfolio of properties is very varied from villas with only 2 rooms to ones with 16 rooms with the capacity to accommodate large groups in luxury and comfort.


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