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Travel spots known for optical illusions



We used to travel worldwide to meet new places, new people, new tastes and new memorable experiences. Because travelling allows us to meet destinations that sometimes transcend reality itself and stimulate our imagination. Things that play games with our minds and specifically with our sense of sight. Our world is full of visual wonders, which are creations of the man himself, but above all, the majesty of nature that surrounds us. So if you have the spirit of exploration in you and you are excited by the idea of ​​a visual illusion that does not follow the rules of nature, leaving you speechless, and in an awe state, then the following travel destinations are for you:

Atlantic Road, Norway

The Atlantic Road crosses an archipelago of small islands, connecting them with the rest of Norway’s fairytale mainland. In addition to the impressive seaside landscape with its picturesque villages, the real experience is on the winding bridge that passes over the area’s often restless sea. If you travel to this area and stand at a particular angle of view, your own sight will create the bridge’s optical illusion in front of you, which will give you the feeling that the road leads to a “heavenly” path.

Salt Flats, Bolivia

Travelling to Salar de Uyuni, in faraway Bolivia, you will believe that you are on the surface of a planet that is long far from Earth. It extends over 4,000 square miles and is the largest surface area of ​​salt in the world! The site’s drought led to the disappearance of its prehistoric lakes, creating on the surface various salt patterns that certainly impress every visitor that will come across it. But when nearby lakes overflow with water or heavy rainfall occurs, then a layer of water is created in the area, which can reflect the celestial landscape. An awe-inspiring visual experience that will leave no one unmoved.

Mauritius, Indian Ocean

Mauritius is a subtropical island nation in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa. A beautiful island in all respects, which combines its fertile plains and rocky mountains with its coral reefs and sandy beaches. Mauritius is an island that presents all those features of an earthly paradise. Of course, apart from its dazzling beauty, one gets the impression that beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean that surrounds the island, there is a flowing waterfall. But we actually see a visual illusion created by an underwater layer of sand.

Tolbachik Volcano, Russia

Tolbachik is one of the largest and most active volcanoes in Russia. It belongs to a large volcanic complex where quite large eruptions have been observed in recent years, creating lava flows that reach up to 40 km southeast of the volcano. And if this alone is not enough to impress you, in the volcano’s atmosphere are created clouds with strange shapes, the so-called lenticular clouds, which you don’t need to have a strong imagination to think of them as UFOs flying up in the sky. This optical illusion is due to the combination of humidity and temperature, which create this definitely unusual phenomenon.

And all these optical illusions can magnetize us and stimulate our imagination, but it doesn’t mean they are real. They certainly manage to arouse our interest, but we must not forget that all these are creations of our own mind from the stimuli we receive with our eyesight. Our vision is one of our most essential senses – perhaps the most important – and that is why we must pay attention to it.

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