Road trips in the United States have become quite common over the last few years. Taking a road trip is a great way to unwind from busy work or school schedules and have interactive moments with your family or friends which will ultimately work towards building bonds. Also, you might need to get away from city life for a while to experience the roads and nature that the country has to offer. This way, you can come back rejuvenated and ready for your daily activities. The U.S. has very nice roads that are a bonus for Americans who love taking road trips across the country.

There are numerous reasons why people love taking road trips in the U.S. Some of the reasons include:

To Experience Nature – Most people in the US live in cities where there are more infrastructure and less of nature. Therefore, people tend to use their vacations to take a road trip to several destinations where there is plenty of nature and admire the wilderness.

The Open Road Helps Clear the Mind –Taking a road trip with your loved ones and friends on the open road just immerses you into a stress-free environment that allows you to clear and relax your mind. This is why people love to get into their cars and hit the road.

The Beauty of the Countryside – People love to go and see the amazing serenity of the countryside that offers a sight to behold with green fields, hills, and many more. Most people may opt to camp while on the road, while others go for an RV where they can have a rest from the trip on the comfy RV mattresses with their RV parked on the side of the road.

New Experiences – Most people take road trips for the mere fact of getting to experience new things in their life. On the road trips, you can get to visit new states, cities, and towns. Also, you can get to experience new cultures, which is an amazing experience.

Motorhome in the mountains
Motorhome in the mountains

There are many road trip destinations in the U.S. The list is endless. However, you need to consider your road trip needs and the members you will be traveling with. For example, if you are traveling with children, it is important to choose destinations frequented by other families with children to connect your kids to have fun in the entire trip. Some road trip destinations include:

Mount Washington Auto Road in New Hampshire

This trip requires ample planning and requires great courage. The trip offers great views of the sky and a spectacular view of nature around the mountain. This is a good trip to take with older family members and daring friends.

Black River National Forest Scenic Byway

This great scenery is located in Michigan, where you can have a view of several waterfalls along the way. In addition, it provides a great view of the Ottawa National Forest and also has some of the best hiking hotspots in the area. There are many lodging options in the area, so you can do your activities with no much hurry and make the most out of your road trip with either family or friends.

Hana Highway in Hawaii

This is a day’s long trip that helps people connect with nature. Along the way, you can see forests, waterfalls, and many other sceneries that are quite breathtaking. There is also access to the Haleakala National park, which requires a small fee which is well worth your while for the great views of nature.


Alaska has numerous natural sites which will make your road trip quite memorable. Some of the sites include Glaciers and Organic farms. Alaska also has the largest National Park in the United States, which is the Wrangell-St. Elias wilderness where you can enjoy the view of rainforests and different species of animals.

The Historic Columbia River Highway in Oregon

This route offers a lot of sites seeing attractions such as waterfalls, wildlife, rivers, and the Multnomah Falls. You can set camp around the area in order to maximize the road trip by exploring every natural site that the area has to offer.


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