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3 ways, you didn’t know, to visit the world without leaving home


There are very productive ways to spend time from home, and one of them is to know other cultures, watch videos, navigate between maps and discover what is on the other side of the planet.

In the list of websites below there are tremendous possibilities in this sense, so that you will never get bored, and it is neither Google street view, nor Google Earth nor, of course, Google Maps:

1 – videarth: A virtualvacation.us project that allows us to see high quality videos of different areas of the planet. We just have to click on the point we want on the map and see the photo and video that is there. It is a video of someone walking in that area, no National Geographic documentaries. On the same website there is a “guess where this photo is from” game,

2 – driveandlisten.herokuapp.com: To drive around cities around the world. We select the city and we can see ourselves in a car driving quietly on the roads of the area. They are videos recorded by people from these cities from their cars.

3 – City Walks Live. For long walks through cities around the world, with the possibility of participating live. We talked about it in detail a few days ago in this article.

As you can see, the secret is to capture the world through the eyes of those who live there, offering much more personal and direct videos, showing both the good and the bad of each area.


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