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Airbnb bans parties


Airbnb definitively bans parties in its accommodations, but will let more people stay per house

When you are going to organize a trip, whether on vacation or for work, one of the first issues to deal with is accommodation. At first, you may think of using Airbnb to rent a house and not go to a hotel, which can be much colder. At first, the platform hardly imposed any rules about the use of these homes, but after several scandals they have decided to take action on one of their big problems: the use of homes for parties.

Among young people it can be quite common to look for a place to have a party, and the easiest and cheapest way to do this is to rent a house for a day.

If you have visited any Airbnb accommodation in the last few months of pandemic, you will have seen that this ban on parties and events was already imposed for health reasons. The data after this temporary ban has been really good, as they saw a 44% reduction in reports of incidences in the properties.

Seeing that these party complaints have been drastically reduced, Airbnb has decided to implement a general and permanent ban on parties globally. What will eventually disappear is the limitation of 16 people per dwelling. In the event that the apartment admits more than these tenants, it will be possible. But in no case it will be possible to have a party with strangers and with invitation.

From this moment on, if you break this rule and set up any social event that may inconvenience the rest of the community, you will have serious consequences. Specifically, the account may be temporarily suspended or deleted altogether. This would also be in addition to the possible economic consequences in the event of any damage to the home, or legal liabilities. And if we refer to the data, 6,600 tenants had to suffer this sanction in 2021.

Thus, from now on, whenever you go to book an Airbnb, you will have to read the contract well. It is a reality that the platform of its beginnings is nothing like the current one, in terms of its rules and policies that are being applied. Although this is something that has improved in all applications by applying very similar policies.


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